Source Chimiques

Source Chimiques compnay is one of the major cleaning companies in Morrocco, specializing in industrial manufacturing of detergents and raw materials and marketing of detergents.

Source Chimiques has 30 000 square meter of covered space and it employs more than 800 workers.

All the product of Source Chimiques are manufactured with the latest high-tech equipements and it has laboratories with modern equipement to analyse and determine the quality of detergents and the credibility of their performance in every step of the production line from the processing of the raw materials to the manufacturing of the nal product it self.

Company mission :
Pooduction innovative detergents with best quality and meet the custmer needs in terms of hygiene, cleanliss, confort …with the gretest respect for the user and the environnement.
Commercial strategy :
Source Chimiques is always seeking to produce the best quality of detergents and meet the needs of the custmer, that’s why Source Chimiques continuously improves production to provide diversied range of products with good price.

Human Capital :
Source Chimiques aware that Their performance depends on their employes, for that it consider a human resources policy based on :

– The developpement of skillls.
– The fulllment of obligations.
– The professional developpement.

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784 Zone Industrielle Sapino Nouacer Casablanca - Maroc

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